Impact of social media on our lives

Have you ever wondered how social media networks affect your life?

Are you using them for entertaining, reading gossips or something greater: educating your personality?

By using social media, we are surounding ourselves with content which we absorb without any critisism – adopting, analizing and discussing them with our friends.

Take an advantage of your leisure time! Make an effort while reading this post and find out how to create a quality life.

Our vision of Feel Better, Look Better, Live Better utters the club’s individualized approach whilst through our social media accounts you will be able to find out what it takes to embrace our vision in your daily routine.


What do we use social networks for?

We believe that marketing is not about promoting products and services, but taking care of our clients from the inside!

On our Facebook and Instagram profile we are making sure that we share information on daily basis about fitness, healthy nutrition, meditation, useful articles about good quality life and wellbeing. We strongly believe that “Happiness comes from within”.

By uploading the photos, we are putting effort to motivate you to workout, put a smile on your face and get you familiar with the members of our team.

No idea how to make a surprise for your loved one? Spoil yourself? Or buy a perfect present for that special someone? We organize the discounts, last minute offers, as well as special gifts very often for all our social media followers.

We also have a YouTube profile where you can find the videos from the shows, special announcements and upcoming events as well as the advices on homecare, nutrition, fitness and meditation.

Keep in touch

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It is our mission to raise the awareness of people about using the digital media in a proper way. Only by selecting and choosing carefully how we spend our leisure time and surrounding ourselves with inspiring people, we truly develop as human beings and enjoy our lives.

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