Cleaning as the first step towards beautiful and healthy face skin

Proper cleaning is the basis for beautiful face skin. We all know that.

Why is it important to wash our face with a cleanser and not merely just water?

Morning and overnight cleansing is important because the skin needs oxygen to repair itself. Sleeping with dirt, pollution, excess oil and dead skin particles throughout the day, you deprive the skin of its vital nutrient and block the natural exfoliating process.

If we aren’t washing our face properly, we cannot apply actives that will help fight aging or acne or whatever your skin condition might be.

We must cleanse our skin at night weather we are wearing makeup or not. Why? All the excess sebum, dead skin cells and pollution that are sitting on our face, not to mention makeup clog our pores and enable them to enlarge. Using a cleanser will emulsify all of these and remove them from the skins surface, which then we are able to apply a moisturizer, serum or whatever else. If we wash our face only with water we remove only 60% of oil but nothing else.

Why is it also important to wash your face in the morning? While our skin is recovering overnight – means we wake up with more dead skin cells to slough off and more oil to emulsify. These cannot be removed with just water.

Would you stop brushing your teeth in the morning just because you did it before bed? I think not. So it’s the same for our skin.



How to pick the right cleanser?

  1. Is the cleanser to drying or stripping?
  2. Does it remove makeup
  3. Does it contain any bad ingredients? Such as sodium lauryl sulphate or alcohol?

When picking a cleanser, you want to find one that strikes a balance with your skin. You want a gentle cleanser. Your cleanser has to be strong enough to clean but not so harsh that it leaves your skin feeling stripped and dry. You want to remove sebum, grime, and pollution from your skin, but you don’t want to wash away your natural skin barrier.

“Cleaning well” is often misinterpreted. Some people assume that if a cleanser strips everything from your skin and makes it squeaky clean, then it is cleaning well. However, a good cleanser is one that removes the things that have to be removed (excess oil, sunscreen, makeup, etc) and leaves behind the things that have to be left (natural skin oil).


Many people also use two different cleansers. Some people use lighter cleansers during the winter, when skin is more prone to being dry, and stronger cleansers in the humid summer months. Other times, people use a light cleanser in the morning when there isn’t much to wash off and then one that’s a bit stronger in the evening. Do you really need to use two different cleansers? It all depends on your skin.