Limegrove winner of the Luxury Spa Award for 2017

In 2015 and 2016 we were voted the best luxury spa in Serbia. This year we were even better with two prestigious acknowledgements – best luxury fitness spa (regional winner) and best luxury hotel spa (country winner).

World Luxury Spa Award stands for excellence and achievements of spa centers worldwide, with the goal to improve quality of services in the spa industry. Maintaining and awarding the highest standards within the luxury spas is the core of World Luxury Spa Awards organization. This organization is the leading initiative in rewarding luxury spa centers and this year Limegrove is yet again one of those centers. The idea is that all guests should know with certainty they are getting the best service when booking a World Luxury Spa Awards recognized spa.

We would like to thank everyone who voted for us, everyone who trusted us and made Limegrove their wellness oasis. Of course a big thanks goes to all our wonderful employees who work very hard in order to make every member’s experience memorable.

Thank you each and every one of you who made Limegrove the best luxury spa in Serbia!