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Cellulite – Tilting at windmills or solvable problem?

All women who are struggling with cellulite wondered at least once whether the solution to this problem is only a myth or is there someone who has won this battle.

The first step in removing cellulite – to get to know your opponent to choose the best weapon!

There are many theories about the emergence of cellulite, all of which are unanimous in that cellulite is both a medical and an aesthetic problem.
The very change in skin relief is due to fat accumulation and leakage of water into the fatty subcutaneous tissue. The fat cells then grow, the toxins get accumulated, and the support given by the connective tissue is lost. An important role in the development of cellulite have a hereditary factor, hormonal imbalance, improper diet, slow venous and lymphatic circulation and lack of exercise. So, cellulite is a layered problem, so its solution should also be approached the same way.

Cosmetics will not solve the problem of cellulite.

Cosmetics is just one of the very important factors in the treatment of cellulite. Proper skin care, the use of caffeine based products will stimulate micro-circulation of the skin and improve its tone. Very good instant results give detox body wraps in combination with exfoliating. Clearly, more the skin firmer is – the visibility of cellulite is less.

Enhanced circulation start the process of cellulite decomposition.

It would be best to act equally on the blood and lymphatic circulation. Wake up your body with the activities that makes you feel – a brisk walking with your pet, swimming, dancing, and do it so often that it becomes your lifestyle. For a better lymph flow, you should try a dry brushing – it’s important to do this every day with natural bristle brush. For this, do not have excuses, because it takes 2-3 minutes before showering, and you can see the result very fast. Excellent results gives a series of anti-cellulite massage combined with lymphatic drainage. You will get extra tone of skin, youthful shine and generally you will feel much better!

Strong muscles suppress cellulite to extermination!

It has long been known that strong muscles are not reserved only for men. Resistance exercises should not scare you. A chance to look too muscular is almost impossible unless the gym becomes your new passion, and you resolve it to be your new full-time job.
The equation is simple, as the muscles are growing, they suppress fats, which the body then “evaluates” as a bad company and started their decomposition. It’s just up to you to see what kind of exercise motivates you best – group exercise or with a personal trainer.
Stay consistent, even when it seems that the cellulite will remain there forever. Remember – maybe the step when you want to give up is the last one before achieving the goal! It would be a pity that such effort would fail.

The good news is that you have an ally in the fight against cellulite!

Now you know all details about hard, but perfectly feasible fight against cellulite. The great thing is this path can be not only simpler – but also real enjoyment!
At Limegrove Fitness & Spa center you can schedule anti-cellulite massages and many detox treatments, exercise in a group or with a personal trainer. It does not need to further emphasized how much will be helpful the swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna or steam bath.

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