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Corporate packages

At Limegrove Fitness and Spa we make all of this possible by offering special corporate packages and programmes for all your staff, customers or associates.


Corporate Membership Packages

Our Corporate Membership Package offers the following discounts on our standard membership rates that can be found in our Limegrove Brochure:

Personalised Senior Management Membership

To help your most senior management cope with the pressures of their work we create more enhanced programmes that could include health screenings, spa treatments and personal training, amongst other things.

Our ultimate goal is to meet the needs of your most valuable asset, your staff.

Other Corporate Services

With or without corporate membership, your company can benefit from a variety of Limegrove® services and facilities:

Contact us and talk to our managers if you would like to discuss a tailored package or you have any questions.

Reward your people

Did you know that there is a direct relationship between the success of a business and the physical health of its employees?


Here are three straight facts:
  • Organizations that invest into the health and wellbeing of their staff are investing in the strength and health of the business by developing teams that function at the very top of their game and creating a team spirit that generates commitment to the shared goals of the organization.
  • Exercise, sports and relaxation have been proven to reduce loss of work hours due to illness and absenteeism. They improve staff productivity and create more resilient team leaders that effectively meet the ongoing demands and challenges of the business.
  • Showing a genuine commitment to the wellbeing of your employees has been proven to generate enhanced corporate strength along with dynamic and creative leadership.

Organizations therefore, need to create opportunities for their staff and senior management to maintain a healthier lifestyle through fitness, exercise and more time out, to regain their inner peace and recharge their personal batteries.


Gift Voucher

Gift Vouchers

Take advantage of our Limegrove® gift vouchers. A powerful incentive or thank-you for your customers, associates or best performing staff and management. Simply fill out the blank vouchers with a name and the treatment or value of your choice, then call us to arrange payment – and you’re ready to give someone a wonderful gift! What’s more, for every 10 vouchers your buy, you will receive 2 FREE voucher for a 55-60 minute spa treatment for yourself or to offer a member of staff, a customer or an associate.

Health & Fitness Days

Ask about our:

  • Seminars on nutrition, fitness and exercise
  • Tailored indoor and outdoor group classes
  • Team-building activity days for a minimum of 10 participants