Cellulite – Tilting at windmills or solvable problem?

All women who are struggling with cellulite wondered at least once whether the solution to this problem is only a myth or is there someone who has won this battle.
The first step in removing cellulite – to get to know your opponent to choose the best weapon!
There are many theories about the emergence of cellulite, […]

What is healthy weight loss?

Are you thinking about going on a diet to lose weight? After all, it seems you can’t open any magazine without reading about the latest diet – whether low-carb, low-fat, or low-calorie.

The reality is, diets are like fashions. They come and go; some work, some don’t. And while many people lose weight on diets, not so many keep the […]

Cleaning as the first step towards beautiful and healthy face skin

Proper cleaning is the basis for beautiful face skin. We all know that.

Why is it important to wash our face with a cleanser and not merely just water?

Morning and overnight cleansing is important because the skin needs oxygen to repair itself. Sleeping with dirt, pollution, excess oil and dead skin particles throughout the day, you […]

Impact of social media on our lives

Have you ever wondered how social media networks affect your life?

Are you using them for entertaining, reading gossips or something greater: educating your personality?

By using social media, we are surounding ourselves with content which we absorb without any critisism – adopting, analizing and discussing them with our friends.

Take an advantage of your leisure time! Make […]