Facial & Body Duos


(1 hr & 25 minutes) €85

The fully loaded skin-luxe facial & body duo

This deluxe treatment will leave you feeling like you’ve taken a mini vacation. Your mind will escape as your body is polished and nourished with our iconic Mediterranean body scrub and your face is indulged with our unique Mediterranean marinade facial. Totally smoothed and soothed, head to toe.


(1 hr & 25 minutes) €75

Totally unique face & body treatment using only brushes

A unique face & body treatment using brushes | 90 Minutes Imagine the sensation of being brushed top to toe! This unique treatment revives, relaxes and drains toxins. Your skin is cocooned in a rich warm body oil, whilst your face gets an equally heavenly treat. The entire treatment is carried out with brushes, whilst you doze!



(1 hr & 55 minutes) €100

A prescriptive facial & massage bespoke to you

Not sure what you’d like? Then this is the ideal treatment. First we help you choose the aromatherapy fragrance to match your mood. Then we’ll take care of you with a wonderfully relaxing and restorative full body massage, followed by an indulgent facial. Products and techniques will be bespoke to your wants and needs. Look, feel and smell oh so good.


(2 hr & 25 minutes) €115

Everything a mother to be should have to make her feel healthy, gorgeous and pampered.

This is our specially designed treatment for expectant mummies to enable your full body to be massaged and treated without having to lie on your tummy. We follow this with a delicious face treatment packed with wonderful natural ingredients. Finally your legs will be revitalized with our leg energizer treatment that is perfect for swollen ankles & tired legs.


(2 hr & 25 minutes) €125

The ultimate detox package

Serious about detoxing? Then this is for you. Starting with a whole body exfoliation, the hips, thighs and abs are then treated to a detoxifying massage, followed by a stimulating marine and earth mud wrap. We finish with an invigorating and energizing full body massage, using lymphatic drainage techniques, to leave you thoroughly rejuvenated and supported in your quest to get in shape. A complimentary Temple Spa Detox Plan is also included.

With any purchased treatment the price of daily spa pass is reduced to €18.

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