Massage Experiences


(25 minutes) €35
(55 minutes) €55

(1 hr & 25 minutes) €70

Relaxing full body massage

This deeply relaxing top-to-toe massage, formulated with a dreamy blend of Mediterranean essential oils including Frankincense, Lavender and Patchouli, is guaranteed to have you drifting away. Upgrade your experience to 90 minutes to include a signature face and scalp massage using our aromatherapy resting cream REPOSE.  This is the perfect treatment to soothe and calm frazzled nerves and wind down an active mind; tension and stress simply melts away…


(25 minutes) €35
(55 minutes) €55

(1 hr & 25 minutes) €70

Energizing full body massage

An invigorating massage designed to leave you full of vitality. We use an uplifting blend of Mediterranean essential oils including Ginger, Lemon and Bergamot that are carefully chosen to stimulate and refresh the skin, body & soul. The clever massage movements encourage circulation and stimulate the whole body to leave you feeling energised and full of life. Upgrade your experience to 90 minutes to include a mini detox facial.  All guaranteed to restore and revive you, putting a spring back into your step!


(25 minutes) €40
(55 minutes) €60

(1 hr & 25 minutes) €75

Detoxing / muscle workout massage

A detoxifying, deep tissue massage that relieves fluid retention and works out tired, aching muscles. Using the ingenious WORK IT OUT detox massage oil including essential oils of Juniper, Lavender and Cypress. We begin with full body brushing to stimulate the circulation to improve lymph drainage. Then we perform a deep tissue, body boosting massage with muscle-fitness techniques and movements to really give your muscles a work out – working on knots, tensions and tightness to help the detox process. Detox-licious!


(55 minutes) €55

A restorative massage

Especially beneficial if you are suffering from aches, pains and stiffness. A full body deep massage to ease muscles, bringing harmony to the mind and body.


(40 minutes) €40

A cellulite & adipose fat massage

Our specially designed slimming massage is created to detoxify, drain the lymphatic system and at the same time aids the digestive system. Our oil blends will help reduce visible signs of cellulite, stimulate and uplift your senses – boosting your immune system. Your entire body is awakened with vitality and stamina.


(1 hr & 15 minutes) €75

Hot stones massage

This popular Thermal Stone massage is a glorious treatment using warm basalt stones to massage the body from head-to-toe. This wonderfully, warming treatment works on energy points located throughout the body to rebalance and harmonize. The muscles are relaxed and rejuvenated in a sensation totally unique to hot stone massage. This all-encompassing treatment is an experience you just have to have at least once in your life. Simply heavenly!


(55 minutes) €55

Mummy to be massage

Pregnancy is a most wonderful time that requires treatments specially designed for you. You will enjoy a full body massage, without the need to lie on your tummy. Our specially trained therapists know exactly how to work those sore, tired and aching muscles while you feel completely comfortable and relaxed. The treatment is complete with a face and scalp massage leaving your skin feeling baby soft all over. You never know, your little bambino might enjoy the sense of calm too!


(1 hr & 15 minutes) €75

A relaxing aromatherapy massage

Surrender yourself to a magical warm candle massage with an exquisite perfumed ambiance, creating a truly memorable experience. This creamy oil wax deeply nourishes the skin whilst a combination of various massage pressures, stretches and continuous movements, relaxes the muscular system, eliminating daily stress and turning it into a sensorial escape.


(1 hr & 15 minutes) €80

A calming deep heat massage

A Lava Shells treatment takes you on a journey unlike any other. The radiant heat melts away tight muscles while soothing aromatherapy oils calm the mind and envelop the senses. You may not always find time for that well-deserved vacation, but you can treat your mind and body to one.


(40 minutes) €40

A traditional massage for back, neck, shoulders & scalp

A unique Indian Head Massage Ritual based on ancient. Ayurveda system that is designed to balance the energy levels by targeting specific pressure points on the back, neck, face & scalp. We start with a back massage to eliminate muscle tension & stress of everyday life followed by a Scalp massage establishing a deeply profound sense of relaxation.

With any purchased treatment the price of daily spa pass is reduced to €18.

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