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The ExclusivelySpa team consists of wellness professionals specialising in all aspects of the spa & fitness industry and with extensive experience in the hotel industry. The team’s expertise includes spa design and development; interior design; spa opening, operation and management of luxury hotel spas and fitness centres; signature spa treatment creation; fitness and exercise physiology ; training in all aspects of spa & fitness club operation; recruitment; spa financial management and marketing.

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Statement by Chris Anastassiou, CEO & Managing Director of ExclusivelySpa, the Operator & Management Company of Limegrove at Metropol Palace Hotel.

Limegrove is an award-winning, exclusive and highly personalized urban spa and fitness club offering an all-embracing wellness experience. To achieve this goal, Limegrove provides a variety of facilities and services that have fitness, swimming, leisure and holistic spa treatments at their core.

Our mission is to set the standards by which other fitness centres and spas measure themselves in terms of knowledge, results-driven services, and customer care.

Our targeted Limegrove Wellness Philosophy is designed to help members and clients improve their overall health, fitness levels and wellbeing, and to inspire a healthier lifestyle marked by physical and mental vitality. This philosophy aims at achieving a longer-lasting, higher state of wellbeing based on a balanced combination of exercise, spa therapies, relaxation and nutrition.

At Limegrove Fitness, each and every client benefits from a bespoke, personalized programme tailored to individual health and fitness goals. We provide state of the art equipment, highly trained fitness instructors and a full range of supporting options that include swimming, fitness classes, personal training sessions, yoga, Pilates and other mind and body restorative exercise classes. Our objective is to make exercise fun, by offering our clients as much variation as possible.

At the Spa we offer a personalized approach to a spa journey where attention to detail sets us apart from our competitors. We do not follow fleeting spa trends, but focus on spa treatments that provide the utmost relaxation, rejuvenation and healing, along with the latest developments in skincare, anti-aging and other spa & beauty services, as well as mind-body rituals such as shiatsu and reflexology.

We have hand picked some of the best beauticians and massage therapists – not only for their unique and superior skills, but also for their genuine desire to offer each client personal attention and care. With customer service as their priority, the staff at Limegrove Spa are determined to make every spa visit a memorable experience, and to create an uplifting retreat, where you truly feel at home.

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