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BeautyLab® London specializes in identifying, researching and pioneering beauty products and formulations with ground breaking ingredients to meet the demands of today’s consumer.

The Beautylab® philosophy of re-activating and re-educating the skin functions to achieve a younger looking and flawless complexion, has led to the creation of a highly functional and sophisticated face and body retail and treatment range. Heralded as the hottest anti-aging skincare brand by beauty editors, beauty professionals and consumers alike, BeautyLab® products and beauty treatments are now regularly used at red carpet events and revealing HDTV and television such as X Factor, Dancing On Ice & The Voice. BeautyLab® uses Liposome technology and its formulations are based on natural extracts, oils, actives and high performance peptides and proteins. Sourced through our global partners and only the finest, purest and most refined are used. BeautyLab insists on a strict ethical and environmental policy for ourselves and our suppliers.

To get in contact with BeautyLab’s distribution team please email at:

ELEMIS is the pioneering British skincare and spa brand that treats over 6.5 million people each year and has the single largest influence on trends and developments in the global skincare and spa industry. The successful combination of powerful, natural ingredients, cutting-edge formulation technology and proven clinical trials has enabled ELEMIS to bring to market some of the most influential anti-ageing skincare products and professional spa therapies the beauty industry has ever seen. Your skin, your body and your wellness lie at the heart of ELEMIS.

Our therapists harness the power of nature and science to create ground-breaking formulations that genuinely transform your skin. ELEMIS scientifically controls every aspect of product formulation, ensuring quality, efficacy and exceptional integrity. From the seeds chosen and the type of soil used, to the selection of extraction process, ELEMIS ensures that all formulations have maximum therapeutic activity. Sublime sensory. Personally prescribed. The experience is exceptional, the results are real.

To get in contact with ELEMIS distribution team please email at: (official Elemis Distributor)


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